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Dramatic Increases Seen in College Students' Mental Health Problems Over Last 13-Years (2/2/03)

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Even Minor Risk of Oxygen Deprivation at or Immediately After Birth May Place Premature Babies at Greater Risk for Cognitive and Language Problems, Proportionate to the Degree of Hypoxia (1/26/03)

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Our Emotional Brains: Both Sides Process the Language of Feelings, with the Left Side Labeling the "What" and the Right Side Processing the "How" (1/12/03)

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Psychologist Diane F. Halpern Elected APA President for 2004 (1/1/03)

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Newly Validated Test of Preschoolers' Suggestibility May Prove Useful in Legal Investigations(12/29/02)

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Abusive Supervisors May Get Employees to Meet Deadlines at the Expense of Their Company's "Bottom Line" (12/22/02)

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Kids With ADHD Suffer More Injuries
February 03, 2003, HealthScout
Girls Who Dine Alone May Pay a High Price
February 03, 2003, HealthScout
Magnetic Stimulation Helps Alleviate Auditory Hallucinations, Study Shows
February 03, 2003, HealthNewsDigest.com
Childrens' Stimulant Prescriptions Vary
February 03, 2003, Associated Press
Child Death 'Shortens Mothers' Lives'
February 02, 2003, World Entertainment News Network

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Finding Happiness: Cajole Your Brain to Lean to the Left
February 4, 2003, NY Times
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Some Deaths Resonate, Others Pass Unnoticed
February 4, 2003, NY Times
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The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Deer
February 2, 2003, NY Times Magazine
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Changes in Counseling Center Client Problems Across 13 Years
Influence of Slight to Moderate Risk for Birth Hypoxia on Acquisition of Cognitive and Language Function In the Preterm Infant: A Cross-Sectional Comparison With Preterm Birth Controls
Cerebral Hemodynamics During Discrimination of Prosodic and Semantic Emotion in Speech Studied by Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography
Measurement of Individual Differences in Children's Susceptibility Across Situations
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